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Prof. Zorislav Sojat
Zorislav Sojat, finished high education as a Professor of General Linguistics and Socio-Humanistic Informatics on the Faculty of Philosophy of Zagreb University, Croatia. His main field of interest is Cybernetics, and he applies Cybernetic principles in scientific research in the area of computer science and intelligence stimulation. He is a co-founder of the World Association for Cybernecits, Informatics and System Sciences (TAKIS), and was for a long period member of the TAKIS Presidency. He was and is active on many international workshops, symposia and congresses, giving lectures for different auditoriums, and is a member of several Croatian and international scientific and expert associations. He tightly connects cybernetics with work on modern data processors. He started with computer programming in late 1974, and designs and develops hardware and software from 1975 (1976 - a first micro-computer controlled e-classroom; 1980ies. From 1989 till 1991 he lived in London, and, in connection with the Imperial College of London, worked on robotics and numerical control of machine tools. Some of his work in robotics was awarded. During the London period he was the President of the Sub-committee for Robot Languages of the British Standard Institute (BSI), representing Great Britain in ISO committees on Robotics and Machine Tools. From 1991 till 2000 he was Assistant Professor for APL, Lisp and Robot Languages on the Department of Information Science of the Zagreb University Faculty of Philosophy. He speaks Croatian, German, English, Esperanto Italian, Dutch and French.
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