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Macedonian Academic and Research Network - MARNET
Macedonian Academic and Research Network was founded in 1994 by a Decision of the University Board as an organizational unit within the Ss Cyril and Methodius University and endorsed by the Ministry of Science. At the same time the Book of rules of MARNet came into force. With this document the goals, management and organizational structure as well as the financing of MARNet were stipulated.
Although MARNet's technological infrastructure at the start was predominantly based on the existing University Computer Network of the Ss Cyril & Methodius University, it was envisioned that MARNet's mission should extend beyond the functionalities and boundaries of this network. Namely, as it's name says MARNet's primary function is to organize and manage the sole academic and research network in the country.
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Therefore it was also supposed to and it does manage the '.mk' country code top level domain, to plan, develop, implement and manage the communication infrastructure backbone in the country as well as to attain and maintain international and Internet connectivity for its users. MARNet is also responsible for the provision of membership in international networking organizations and associations and participation in projects of interest for the academic community. In the domestic environment it is obliged to implement different information services and to support the local user community by organizing educational activities and events like workshops help desks etc.

At present MARNet connects two of the Universities in the county. It is customary that research institutes affiliate themselves with the Universities so connectivity for them is also provided through MARNet. It is expected that when MARNet is sufficiently teamed by recruitment of additional staff and additional financing by the Government is obtained, connectivity for the secondary and primary schools will be provided too. So, MARNet serves a community of around 70,000 people, approximately 60,000 of them in the academic sector and 10,000 in governmental institutions, while the expected increase in the number of users will be about 70,000 when secondary schools are connected and another 270,000 when primary are accounted for.

MARNet represents the GRID community in RM integrating research potentials for establishing "human network" in the GRID area of several country institutions as Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Informatics at the Faculty of Science and others.

MARNet recently start building the Linux based PC farm (available 20.00 p.m. - 8.00 a.m.) located at Institute of Informatics, for experimenting with currently available GRID platforms, and utilizing existing expertise in parallel computing. We expect to contribute in developing the common regional testbed and work in specific area such as resource management, security, interfaces, virtual organization building and multimedia databases storage and retrieval systems.

MARNet and Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Skopje conduct their own research on IPv4 to IPv6 migration of existing academic network in RM. This includes: definitions of generic framework for IPv6 applications and their evaluation, performance evaluation of IPv6 tunnels and QoS provisions, IP mobility and clustering, IP route optimization and embedded security. The theoretical research will be combined with experimental results obtained from the operational testbed using IPv6-enabled network elements.
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