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B&H Academic and Research Network - BIHARNET
The B&H academic and Research Network is legal body. The University of Banja Luka, the University "Dzemal Bijedic" in Mostar, The University of West Mostar, the University of Sarajevo and the University of Tuzla established BIHARNET network and BIHARNET Center, which is responsible for managing of network, on February 12, 1998. As soon as new universities in Srpsko Sarajevo and Bihac have been established they become members of BIHARNET.

The Government of Republic of Slovenia provided financial recourses for organization of the network. It was donors project that finished at the end of 1999.
Institutions (users) connect their local networks with the BIHARNET network by leased lines and the corresponding communications equipment. The devices located on their side, such as modems, the telephone line and the router, are in their possession, though, as a rule, the BIHARNET Center operates them, whereas the user always operates the local network. Depending on the needs, available equipment, distance and the quality of the telephone lines, local connections (via leased lines) between the nodes and the users can have a capacity of 2 Mbps. The usual alternative is 1 Mbps (on one telephone twisted pair). In fibber optic connections, the transmission capacity could be 10 Mbps and more. If the users have their own router installed on the BIHARNET network node location, the connection can be established directly via the Ethernet.
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The BIHARNET network users can communicate with the BIHNET network (commercial network JP PTT B&H) directly - and vice versa, since all the networks are interconnected via the Ethernet segment BIHIX (Internet exchange).

Direct access to the BIHARNET network via dial-up lines is not possible. Institutions, connected to the network by a leased line, can provide their users with this service on their own under observing the Rules for the Use of the BIHARNET network and its services. The BIHARNET Center has 8 dial-up connections for its own needs and for the needs of its users who have special authorizations.

Unfortunately, due to luck of political and other types of support, after 1999 when donor's project was finished, the stabile financial recourses for the normal functioning of NREN were not provided. The network is not in function because BIHARNET is not able to pay for connection.

The ministers for education and science from both B&H entities (Federation of B&H and Republic of Srpska) and representative of Ministry of Education of Republic of Slovenia signed in June 2001 the Agreement for financing the BIHARNET. In that Agreement was defined that financial recourses for reactivation and regular work of the network would be provided in the B&H entities' budget. But, nothing happened, the ministries that signed the document were changed in meantime (Elections every two years), few months ago the new ministers were appointed and we hope that they will finish the process on proper way.

The main problem related to BIHARNET is: The BIHARNET was established on state level but financing of the education, research and culture institutions in B&H is organized on other levels (entity and cantonal). All education institutions want and need good academic and research network but nobody in governments feels responsible for its sustainability because the Ministry of Education on state level does not exist. Anybody in governments also does not responsible to say that B&H does not need BIHARNET. Contrary, all prime ministers and ministers verbally support the NREN. As result of that policy BIHARNET still exists as legal body but without the financial recourse for connectivity, normal wok and development.
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