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Frederik PREMTI
Frederik PREMTI, Mathematician, Prof. Dr., Education - Tirana University, Department of Mathematics, 1964-1968; These de Doctorat de Troisieme Cycle "Methodes Stochastiques dans les problemes de Placement", 1980-1983, Universite "J. Fourier",Grenoble, France. Qualification - 1970, Training course on Analog Computers, Peking, China. 1973 - 1974, UNESCO- International Course on Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Bucharest University, ROMANIA. Apr. - July 1993, a "GO WEST" grant under the COST (Cooperation On Science and Technology) EC programme in Societe "ALMA", Grenoble, France. Dec. 1994, the Superior Council of the Committee of Science and Technology gave title Professor. Scientific Contribution: 1980, Paper presented at National Conference on Communications and Developments of Chemical Industry; 1984, Paper presented at 1st National Conference on Mathematics and Informatics. 1989, Papers presented at 2nd National Conference on Mathematics and Informatics. 1992, Paper presented at 1st European Mathematical Congress, Paris, France. 1995, Paper at International Conference on Mathematics, Informatics and Education, Pushchino, Russia. 1998, Paper presented at International Conference on Mathematics for Industry Thessalonica, Greece. 1999, Paper presented at International Conference on Y2K Problems, Athens, Greece. 2000, Paper presented at International Conference on Y2K&Post Y2K problems, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Scientific Activity: Author of many algorithms and programs in ALGOL, FORTRAN and BASIC on Operations Research, applied on mechanics, cutting stock problems, networks, agriculture, etc. Work on different EU and WORLD BANK projects (ETCETERA, HANNIBAL, InfoDEV Y2K, etc.), Pedagogical Activity: Different courses on mathematical programming and informatics at Tirana University for 34 years. Publications: More than 30 papers and school-texts on mathematics and informatics published in Albania and abroad. Foreign Languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, and Romanian. Actual Position: Professor at (INIMA). From January 1994 - Member of the Directory Board of the Albanian National Mathematics Society.
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