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Neki FRASHERI, Mathematician, Prof. Dr.; Vice-Director and Head of Software and Mathematical Methods of Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (INIMA); graduated at Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana 1971-1976; Doctorate Thesis "Mathematical aspects and algorithms of finite elements in plate bending", University of Tirana 1984-85; received title "Old Scientific Collaborator (Docent)" from the Scientific Council of the Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in 1991 and title "Research Leader (Professor)" from High Council of Attestation, 1994; Studied on Operating Systems and Computer Networks at Training Centres of BULL HN, Paris France, during 1984-85 and in 1988; participation at several workshops for Development and Management of National Computer Networks and Internet; lectures on applied mathematics and informatics at the Chair of Informatics of University of Tirana, 1981-1996; system & network engineer at INIMA, 1985-1993; technical leader for European projects of Copernicus Programme "Etcetera", "Hannibal"; "Esatt+", and also infoDev Planning Project for Albania for Y2K problem in 1999; head of Consulting Group for National Programme of Research and Development on ICT; consultant for preparation of National Strategy of ICT for Albania project of UNDP, 2002.
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