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Gudar BEQIRAJ, Mathematician, Prof. Dr., Director of the Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics; graduated at University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics 1967-1971; Doctorate thesis "Fourier Transformation and its Applications", 1982; Stage of specialisation in Geostatistics at the Centre of Geostatistics, Fontainebleau France, 1985-86; Stage of specialisation in applied informatics methods in geophysics, University Paris VI, France, 1990; Scientific works by contract in Applied Mathematics and Informatics at the University "La Sapienza" - Roma, 1992; Title "Professor" given by the High Council of Attestation of the Committee of Science and Technology, 1994. Participation at the III World Congress of Geostatistics, Avignon, France, 1988; Member of Examination Commission for the Doctorature Thesis in Fontainebleau, France, 1989; Participation at International Symposium for the Mathematical Methods in Geology and Mining, Pribram, Czechoslovakia, 1989; Participation at CODATA Symposium, Leeds, UK. 1990; Participation at the Symposium, Argent Medal for the presentation, 1991; Expert for the evaluation of "project-proposals" in the framework of Programme COPERNICUS, European Commission, Brussels, 1994. Developer of different algorithms and programs in Algol, Pascal, Fortran applied in Albania in domains as geology, geophysics, agriculture, medicine etc. 24 years lecturer in mathematics and informatics in the University of Tirana.
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