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Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics - ΙΝΙΜΑ
Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (INIMA) is founded as Center of Mathematical Calculus in 1971 and as institute in 1985. INIMA belongs to the Academy of Sciences for the development of computer science, computer networks and mathematical applications in different fields of human activity, as in economy, engineering, medicine, etc. Due to the statute of Academy of Sciences, INIMA has administrative, financial and operational autonomy. Following a decision of government, INIMA is formally charged with the responsibility for the state network. Main fields of activity for INIMA include:
  • Realization of information systems such as application software, graphical and GIS applications, databases, spreadsheets, image and multimedia data processing, distributed applications. Design and implementation of information systems infrastructure and data transmission networks, running operating systems as Ms-Windows, Unix, and network systems based on TCP/IP and Microsoft Networks. Development and distribution of Internet services.
  • Application of mathematical methods such as numerical analysis and finite elements, optimisation, mathematical statistics etc. applied in domains as geology, geophysics and seismic, static and dynamic structure analysis, energy resource planning etc.
  • Training of different categories of people about using computers, application software and Internet services.
During first 20 years of its existence 1971-1991, INIMA contributed in many local and National projects, especially in fields of applied mathematics. Of particular importance were two data processing projects for general population civic in Albania in 1978 and 1988, and the UNDP project for the creation of metropolitan network in Tirana and building of computer/network applications and databases for engineering, management, geology, energetic, statistics, agriculture, medicine etc., 1985-1990. After 1991 the attention was concentrated more on computer and network applications, followed with increased international collaboration. Some of recent projects where INIMA participated are:
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  • European Copernicus project, "Etcetera", for the development of Internet services to stimulate economic exchanges between different countries. 1994-1996
  • European Copernicus project, "Hannibal", for the development of information services to stimulate economic exchanges between different countries (continuation of Etcetera). 1995-1997
  • European Copernicus project, "Esatt+", for the creation of database and information services to stimulate the exchanges between research and academic communities in CEE countries. 1996-1997.
  • NATO Networking Infrastructure project for a segment of the Academic Network, 1996.
  • Y2K Planning project for Albania, granted by InfoDev, World Bank, 1999-2000.
  • IST programme project SEEREN for connection of Albanian Academic Network with GEANT in Balkans region, started in 2002.
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