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The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK
Founded in 1963, The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) is the supreme organization put in charge of promoting, developing, organizing and coordinating research and development in the fields of exact sciences in Turkey in line with the National targets of economic development and technical progress. It functions under the fold of the Prime Ministry with adequate administrative and financial autonomy. The Council's decision-making body is the Science Board, composed of the President and 12 members. The President, as the chairman of the Science Board implements its decisions and is the head of the entire administration. TUBITAK's main tasks have been set as the following: Determining Turkey's science and technology policies, supporting, encouraging and coordinating scientific research, establishing and operating special institutes to conduct research and development activities geared to the targets of the five-year economic development plans and the priorities set by the Science Board, providing scholarships and other support to researchers and organizing contests to discover and train future scientists, supporting R&D activities and innovations in industry, promoting university-industry collaborations and establishing techno-parks to facilitate their realization, publishing scientific journals, as well as books and monthly popular science magazines that make science accessible to the public, supporting scientists and researchers with awards.
Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (ULAKBIM) has been founded as a service unit of TUBITAK, in 1996. ULAKBIM's main objectives have been set as operating a computer network enabling interaction within the institutional elements of National innovation system, and providing information technologies support and information services to help scientific production. UlakNet, which is the NREN of Turkey, has a 155 Mbps backbone with a total of 465 Mbps connection to TTNet (Turkish Telecom Network for commodity traffic) and a 155 Mbps connection to GEANT. Currently 109 universities, faculties, graduate institutes, research organizations and government departments are directly connected, and 126 faculties and institutes are indirectly connected to UlakNet backbone at speeds 2-155 Mbps, serving about 300,000 users. ULAKBIM is total staff of 85 where 18 of them are with UlakNet.
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TUBITAK lead and coordinate the activities of independent research communities in parallel processing towards a Turkish Grid and will organize meetings and workshops to enable information exchange and knowledge dissemination on parallel processing and Grid computing. TUBITAK is currently at the stage of constituting a working group with Bilkent University (Cevdet Aykanat), Bogazici University (Ufuk Caglayan), Istanbul Technical University (Nuzhet Dalfes) and other relevant research groups. These researchers have been building expertise on Grid middleware components such as resource discovery and data delivery, job scheduling and co-allocation, replication management, and resource sharing and coordination.
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