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Eugenie STAICUT - head of RNC (Romanian National R&D Network) Department in ICI Bucharest, received his Electronics' Engineer's Degree in 1971 from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and his Doctor's Degree in 1982 from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Faculty of Automation. He a working background in the Data Communications and Computer Networking Industry from his earlier career, participating to the design and development of the first experiments on data transmission for computer interconnections in Romania, finalized in early 80s with the first wide area computer network developed in Romania, with nodes in over 18 cities spread all over the country. Starting with 1992, his main field of activity was computer networking for R&D community, providing electronic communication services, being involved in the daily operations of the national network. He is responsible for Internet naming and addressing in Romania. In 1984 he was the recipient of the Romanian Academy's "Traian Vuia" Award for the project and for an experiment concerning the development of a National Computer Network in Romania. Also, in 1994, he received the Romanian Academy's Award "Tudor Tanasescu" for his activity in the field of computer networking for R&D community.

Eugenie Staicut's main activities are in the field of computer networks concerning the following topics: computer communications, network management, packet-switching computer networks design and software development; computer networks services and Internet protocols, electronic commerce, techniques for flow control, adaptive routing, Markov models, network reliability and availability; queueing systems for network performances analysis and design.

Eugenie Staicut has participated to several RTD multinational technical projects within the PHARE and INCO-COPERNICUS programmes. During 2000-2001, he was co-director of the NATO Networking Infrastructure Grant No. 976762 - "Romanian National R&D Computer Network Infrastructure Augmentation" project.

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