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Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing - BAS
The Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing (CLPP) is founded in 1985. CLPP has a leading position among the scientific institutions in Bulgaria in the fields of computer science and scientific computations. It performs research, consultations, projects and high quality education. The activities of CLPP are oriented mainly to the creation and usage of advanced mathematical and computer technologies. The CLPP fundamental results are motivated by the developed new methods, algorithms and software as well as by introduced advanced information technologies and computer facilities. CLPP staff members have always been actively participating in the formation of Bulgarian National strategy, priorities and policy in these areas. Nowadays CLPP consists of six divisions. The total staff of CLPP is 112 persons including one academician, one corresponding member of the Academy, six full professors, 24 associate professors, 39 research assistants and 20 university educated specialists.
The applied activities include such fields as ecology, engineering, computer technology, information systems, etc. CLPP provides advanced IT solutions to some of the most urgent problems like new information systems advising the Bulgarian society in case of emergency and forecasting of damaging air-pollution levels and reliability of nuclear reactors. CLPP is also linked to industrial and governmental users and, due to its top-level activities, has always been a de-facto Centre of Excellence in Bulgaria in information and communication technologies. In 1992-1998, CLPP has established, developed and supported the Bulgarian Academic computer network, called BAS NET. The Computer Center at CLPP maintains the information network of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
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Every year students from Sofia University (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics) and the Technical University of Sofia prepared their MSc theses in the Laboratory having as supervisors Senior Scientists from the staff. Permanently there are at about 10 PhD students in the field of Numerical Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Computer Science and Computer Technology and their applications. Most of the Senior Scientists of CLPP are affiliated with various national and international scientific organizations such as the National Research Fund, the Higher Evaluation Commission, the Executive Council of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, AMS, British Computer Society, ISCU, IMU, Int. Commission for Math. Education, Green Gross, etc. Currently CLPP has 12 PhD students, employs 20 university-educated specialists and has been visited by 34 young researchers from abroad.

Fields of Research Include: Efficient parallel algorithms; Monte Carlo algorithms; Large scale scientific computations of engineering and environmental problems; Human language technologies with focus on Slavonic languages; Knowledge-based systems; Computer simulation of high-performance computer architectures; Next generation networking technologies; Multi-sensor data fusion.

Annually the scientists from the Laboratory publish about 140 papers, and about 100 are in refereed international journals and proceedings of high quality international conferences in the fields of the main laboratory activities. A large number of books have been produced during the years including monographs published by Elsevier Science as well as conference volumes published by Springer Verlag, World Scientific, etc.

CLPP has been, and still is, an active participant in a number of research and educational projects of the EU programs INCO-COPERNICUS, TEMPUS, PECO, GO EAST GO WEST, etc. as well as in NATO Scientific Programs. A lot of the scientists of the Laboratory have been on long-term specialization in USA, UK, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. CLPP is one of the few Centres of Excellence in the field of Informatics in Central and Eastern Europe. In January 2001 officially started the prestigious Project "Bulgarian Information Society - Center of Excellence for Education, Science and Technology in 21 Century (BiS-21)" supported by the European Commission within the Fifth Framework Program.

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