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Greek Research and Technology Network - GRNET
The Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET S.A. www.grnet.gr) was founded in 1998 and is a state owned company under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Development - General Secretariat of Research and Technology.
Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing - BAS
The Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing (CLPP) is founded in 1985. CLPP has a leading position among the scientific institutions in Bulgaria in the fields of computer science and scientific computations. It performs research, consultations, projects and high quality education. The activities of CLPP are oriented mainly to the creation and usage of advanced mathematical and computer technologies.
What Can You Do With Parallels Desktop Promo Code
Parallels Desktop is a virtual machine software allowing you to access and use your Windows programs and features on Mac OS X. The Parallels Desktop 12 is an upgrade to it's predecessor Parallels Desktop 11. The Parallels Desktop 11 was a huge step up to bring Windows features to Mac for making it seem as if both machines had a connection.
The newer update, Parallels Desktop 12 coupon, is a conservative one. For previous users of this virtual machine software, this isn't an exceptional upgrade. While for the new users, it is going to be exciting.
It features a few advantages and disadvantages in the latest parallels promo code. First of all, the most important fact is that it fully supports Windows 10. Windows 10 users can give affirmations to this fact that it does not like to be moved around and when done so, it crashes and becomes a mess.
Upon opening the software, the installation wizard will launch automatically making it super efficient for new users by not making them have to look around for it. It has another great feature that it will allow games from a Windows to be played on Mac. The games from your Windows computer can be transferred and played on your Mac giving you even more games on Mac now. But there is a catch, the specifications of the game should be in favor of those of Mac to avoid glitches and crashes. The new upgrade has improved graphics and the designs as well. It also has an online storage worth 500 gigabytes.
The automatic hibernation update is going to save battery to give a longer runtime. It comes with a free toolbox providing guidelines and extra information required. The subscription to this software lasts up to a year.
The disadvantage with this new coupon would have to be that it is does not have smooth switching between the modes. Also, in order for certain programs to run on your Mac, you'd have to reinstall Windows 10 all over again. If not done like so, you might need permission and might not be able to run the software in general. For more information see http://www.spiqy.com/parallels-coupons.
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey-TUBITAK
Founded in 1963, The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) is the supreme organization put in charge of promoting, developing, organizing and coordinating research and development in the fields of exact sciences in Turkey in line with the National targets of economic development and technical progress. It functions under the fold of the Prime Ministry with adequate administrative and financial autonomy. The Council’s decision-making body is the Science Board, composed of the President and 12 members.
Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory - MTA SZTAKI
The Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory (LPDS) of MTA SZTAKI participates in several major European Grid projects (DataGrid, GridLab, APART-2) where its main task is to create a performance monitoring infrastructure for the Grid. In the Hungarian SuperGrid project LPDS adapts its P-GRADE graphical program development and execution environment developed for supercomputers and clusters towards the Grid.
Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics - ΙΝΙΜΑ
Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (INIMA) is founded as Center of Mathematical Calculus in 1971 and as institute in 1985. INIMA belongs to the Academy of Sciences for the development of computer science, computer networks and mathematical applications in different fields of human activity, as in economy, engineering, medicine, etc. Due to the statute of Academy of Sciences, INIMA has administrative, financial and operational autonomy.
B&H Academic and Research Network - BIHARNET
The B&H academic and Research Network is legal body. The University of Banja Luka, the University “Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar, The University of West Mostar, the University of Sarajevo and the University of Tuzla established BIHARNET network and BIHARNET Center, which is responsible for managing of network, on February 12, 1998. As soon as new universities in Srpsko Sarajevo and Bihac have been established they become members of BIHARNET.
Macedonian Academic and Research Network - MARNET
Macedonian Academic and Research Network was founded in 1994 by a Decision of the University Board as an organizational unit within the Ss Cyril and Methodius University and endorsed by the Ministry of Science. At the same time the Book of rules of MARNet came into force. With this document the goals, management and organizational structure as well as the financing of MARNet were stipulated.
Academic and Research Network of Yugoslavia - AMREJ
The main task of AMREJ is development, operation and management of the communication and information network for education and research. It is supported by the Federal secretariat for Development and Science, the Ministry of Science, Technologies and Development and Ministry of Education and Sport of Serbia and the Ministry of Science and Education of Montenegro. The Board of Directors managing the network consists of Directors of the University Computing Centres of all Universities in Yugoslavia. Belgrade University Computing Center is the main network operation center of the network, also coordinating the international cooperation and technical network development. The Director of Belgrade University Computing Center is representing AMREJ in international cooperation.
Ruder Boskovic Institute - RBI
The Institute Rudjer Boskovic is an interdisciplinary institute primarily oriented towards the field of natural sciences, founded in 1950. It consists of 12 divisions: Electronics, Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics, Experimental Physics, Materials Physics, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Medicine, Laser and Atomic Research, Environmental and Marine Research. The involvement in Grid computing in the Institute primarily started driven by the needs of the scientists.
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