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Mission Statement:
SEE-GRID's goal is to offer South East European countries the proper conditions in order to open the door for their participation to the Pan-European and worldwide Grid initiatives. To support these countries, SEE-GRID will organize conferences, forums in universities and training material including the right software, web hosting coupons, pilot and demonstration test-beds for hands-on experience, applications' adaptations to be able to use the Grid, operational and support centre schemes and organisation, and finally feasibility studies and roadmaps for the integration of the SEE to the European Research Area (ERA) via an extended Pan-European Grid infrastructure.
As a further incentive, SEE-GRID gives a 
What is the focus of this Deliverable?
The focus of this deliverable is to effectively disseminate and create awareness regarding the activities and results of the project. The promotional package will be updated in a yearly basis so that there will be two more editions by the end of the project.
Working Windows and Mac at the same time
Further research led to Parallels, a software which lets you run Mac on a PC or Windows on a Mac. SEE-GRID issues a parallels coupon code for students in the european grid insfrastructure.
What is next in the process to deliver the SEE-GRID results?
The deliverable and workflow progress is described in the project Annex-I – Description of Work [1] 
What are the deliverable contents?
The deliverable is comprised by a project brochure, a project poster, a netfirms coupon 2016 and a project presentation. 
The Promotional Package deliverable is an essential part of the WP5 activities in order to promote the project and raise public awareness.

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